Airflow Instrumentation

Airflow Instrumentation

Airflow Indicators and Measurement Equipment

HSG258 compliant Airflow Gauges, Meters and Anemometers

  • The HSE now recommends that airflow indicators should be fitted to all Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) systems.*
  • Inspection companies check that airflow indicators are fitted to all LEV extraction points as part of the compulsory Thorough Examination and Test.
  • Fitting airflow indicators greatly improves the safety of personnel using an LEV

* ‘Controlling airborne contaminants at work: A guide to local exhaust ventilation’   is an HSE publication – commonly know as HSG258 – that sets out guidelines for designers and users of LEV. One recommendation set out in this document is that ‘Employers need to ensure that LEV systems continue to work properly. There are several ways of checking this […] the simplest way is probably to use an airflow indicator. […] This will give the operator a simple indication that the hood is working properly

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