ESD Safety Trainers

ESD Safety Trainers

ESD Safe Work Trainers

Electrostatic charge and discharge can damage static sensitive components used in the electronics industry. Care needs to be taken when handling static sensitive components and protective ESD antistatic clothing and shoes should be worn.

Abeba’s range of ESD footwear includes ATEX shoes, ESD shoes, clogs, male managers shoes and female managers shoes which all offer full ESD protection while promoting modern and stylish footwear. Abeba’s range of footwear is designed with the user in mind and provides the user with comfort, high performance and quality.

The trainers and boots shown are just a small sample of the full range of Abeba’s ESD footwear

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ESD Safety Trainer 31763
The ABEBA "Uni6" safety trainer range combines modern design with functional technology to prod..
ESD Safety Trainer 31771
The "Uni6" Safety trainers all build on the excellence of the standard "Uni6" models but with the ad..
ESD Safety Trainer 32147
The ABEBA "Anatom" Safety Trainers  are the right choice for everyone who sets value on having ..
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