We are excited to announce our latest innovation in industrial extraction systems, the PRO500. This versatile product is a result of our continuous commitment towards providing solutions that meet the ever-evolving demands of varied industries. The PRO500 is not just another extraction system; it’s a game-changer. Let’s explore what it is about this innovative fume and dust extraction unit that sets it apart from the crowd.

What Makes the PRO500 Stand Out?

The PRO500 sets itself apart from its competitors with its unique features and capabilities. It boasts a three-stage filtration system, a large bag filter capacity of 13 litres, a pressure block filter indication, a speed control system with digital remote control, and an integrated 24v stop/start option.

Three-Stage Filtration System

The PRO500’s filtration system is a cornerstone of its efficiency and effectiveness. This advanced mechanism combines multiple aspects of filtration technology into a seamless process, ensuring the unit can handle a wide range of particulates during various industrial functions, such as routing, mechanical engraving, grinding, and turning.

Starting with a 9-pocket labyrinth bag filter, the filtration system has a significant capacity of 13 litres, allowing it to effectively capture and contain larger particles.

Incorporated into this system is an H13 HEPA cartridge, a high-efficiency component that traps particles as small as 0.18 microns with an efficiency rate of 99.95%.

The filtration system also features an activated carbon cartridge. This component is specifically designed to absorb low-level organic vapours, enhancing air quality by removing potentially harmful substances.

Large Bag Capacity

One of the standout features of the PRO500 is its large bag filter capacity, which comes in at a generous 13 litres. This capacity plays a crucial role in improving the efficiency and continuity of operations.

The capacity allows the PRO500 to operate for prolonged periods without needing a filter replacement. This means fewer interruptions to your workflow, which is vital for businesses engaged in continuous extraction operations.

An image of the VODEX VXPro500

Pressure Block Filter Indicator

The pressure block filter is designed to enhance the unit’s efficiency and longevity. This indicator plays a crucial role in preventive maintenance by alerting operators precisely when the filter requires replacement.

As the filter gradually fills with particulates over time, the pressure within the system increases. Once the pressure reaches a certain threshold indicative of a potential blockage, the pressure block filter indication is triggered. This sends an immediate alert to the operator, notifying them that the filter needs changing. Such a proactive approach can significantly reduce downtime, enhancing overall productivity and efficiency.

Speed Control System with Digital Remote Control

The PRO500 is not just a powerful extraction unit; it’s a smart one, too. It comes with an advanced speed control system, which offers operators a high degree of flexibility and precision in managing airflow rates. This is designed to accommodate diverse operational requirements, allowing for customised usage based on the specific needs of every task.

Users can regulate the airflow rate, ensuring optimal extraction performance for different types of particulates, from larger debris to fine dust.

The ergonomic remote control offers a convenient way to manage the speed control system without having to manually adjust the unit. Operators can easily change the fan speed from a distance, making it useful for larger workspaces or when the unit is hard to reach.

Integrated 24v Stop/Start Option

The stop/start feature allows the extractor to be controlled by a third-party piece of equipment, too. For example, should the extractor be attached to a laser cutter, when the cutter is switched on, the extractor will turn on at the same time.

Operators can power on or power off the extraction system at will, meaning that instead of leaving the unit running continuously, it can be activated only during periods of active operation. By running the unit only when necessary, operators can significantly reduce energy consumption.

Advanced Technology for a Prolonged Filter Life

The PRO500 employs a cutting-edge technology known as reverse flow technology, which is instrumental in prolonging the life of its filters. Reverse flow technology means that the airflow enters the unit at the bottom of the filter stack. This process dislodges trapped particles, effectively cleaning the filter during operation and preventing it from becoming overly saturated with particulates. As a result, the filter can function effectively for a more extended period before needing replacement.

An image of the VODEX VXPro500

Perfect for a Variety of Applications

The PRO500 dust and fume extraction system stands out in the market for its wide-ranging applicability across various industrial settings. This versatile unit is capable of handling everything from light industrial swarf to dry dust, making it a valuable asset in diverse operational contexts.

In addition, the PRO500 is engineered for endurance. It’s built to operate continuously for extended periods before necessitating servicing, further enhancing its suitability for industries that require long operating hours.

Contact Us to Order Your PRO500 Today!

At VODEX Ltd, we are committed to creating cutting-edge extraction systems that enhance safety and efficiency in various industrial applications. Our PRO500 dust and fume extraction system is a testament to this ethos.

Engineered to handle everything from light industrial swarf to dry dust, fume and vapours, the PRO500 embodies our commitment to innovative design and superior performance.

Don’t compromise on safety or efficiency – choose the PRO500 and experience the difference that innovation can make in your workplace.

Contact us today to learn more about how the PRO500 can revolutionise your operations. We’re ready to help you make an informed decision and place your order.

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