Education and Training Extraction

Education and Training Extraction

Fume extraction products for Schools, Colleges and Universities

Health and safety must always be the main focus with schools, colleges universities and other educational facilities, with access to a high-quality education a close second. Students who study subjects that mean that they will frequently come into contact with harmful dusts and fumes (such as chemicals and solvents in laboratories or metal and wood dusts in engineering) have the right to expect that they will be looked after by educational institutions and must be protected.

Training centres should pay particular attention to providing the correct fume and dust extraction products, not only to protect students and lecturers but also to set a good example for when individuals go into their chosen industries for real. A good example of this is Nail and Beauty Students often being exposed to dangerous solvent fume and dust hazards.

We provide fume and dust extraction units that are especially designed for classrooms within schools, colleges and universities up and down the country. Our experiences within the education industry means that we have a strong understanding of the needs to meet educational goals, whilst often feeling the pressure of constrained budgets.

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