Earth Grounding Products & Leads

Earth Grounding Products & Leads

Earth Bonding and ESD Antistatic Grounding Products

Earth grounding products for earth bonding antistatic work stations

We offer a full range of cost effective Earth Bonding and Earth Grounding Products, with configuration of connections 10mm studs and/or 4mm banana sockets, shrouded banana sockets, or safety sockets . All products are manufactured from bright yellow ABS, enabling their easy visibility throughout the EPA (ESD Protected Area)

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ESD Earth Bonding Brackets
The LSBP L-Shape bracket, has been designed to fit under the front edge of a work bench, rack trolle..
ESD Earth Bonding Plugs
The plug fits directly in to the mains supply socket, connecting with only the earth conductor. Live..
ESD Earth Facility Brackets
EN 61340-5 shows the following fundamental differences between an earth facility and an earth bondin..
ESD Earth Bonding Point
Being only 25mm wide 35mm long and 2.5mm thick, it does not cause an obstruction. However it’s brigh..
ESD Earth Grounding Leads
Short cord is 230mm long (9") with 10mm female snap both endsThe 3m Universal Grounding Cord is supp..
ESD Floor Test Kit
This ESD Floor Test Kit has been developed to offer a quick simple test procedure for testing the el..
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