ESD Cleaning & Waste Handling

ESD Cleaning & Waste Handling

ESD Cleaning and Waste Handling Products

A range of static safe products for the EPA work area within the electronics industry

A range of products, surface cleaners and treatments used in the EPA work area in the electronics industry. All these products are static dissipative and will prevent static build up or discharge any electrostatic charges.
Surface & Mat Cleaner are non-toxic liquid cleaners used to remove dust, grease, grime, fingerprints, and solder flux from all surfaces used in a static sensitive area. They leave no insulative residue, contain no alkali or ammonia, and are nonflammable. These are water based sprays that once dry will leave a thin static dissipative layer that preventsthe build up of static charges.
All our ESD waste bins allow for safe cleaning and waste disposal within an EPA.

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