Extraction Spare Parts and Accessories

Many extraction systems and products require additional components to be effective, some parts will also wear out over time. Our range of extraction accessories will allow you to adapt your LEV system further to suit your application. Inevitably, when parts do wear out or become damaged during use, our range of spare parts will ensure you are up and running again quickly.

Our ranges include full ducting for tip extractors, hoses, cowls. clamps. valves, hood, arms and more - ensuring you have what you need to keep your LEV system effective.

If you can't find what you are looking for contact our Team today, whom will be happy to assist.

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BOFA AD PVC iQ Replacement HCL Sensor
The BOFA AD PVC iQ is designed to extract the harmful fumes, vapours and solid particulates generate..
Usonic 32mm Hose
The Usonics UH Range of On-Tool dust extractors use high grade 32mm hoses to connect to the tool ext..
Usonic Multi-Tool Control Box
Most of our Usonics UH On-Tool extractors have the option to run multiple tools at once. In these ca..
Usonic Orbital 5" Hand Sander
Some tools are not suitable for On-Tool extraction systems. They may not have extraction ports built..
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