Metalworking & Mechanical Engineering Extraction

Metalworking & Mechanical Engineering Extraction
Extraction Solutions for Metal Working

Specialist extraction for metalworking professionals is key to ensuring that the damaging effect of fumes and dusts are not experienced by engineers and factory workers. It is important to recognise and identify the potential threats, in order to prepare and combat them in the most appropriate manner.

While managing your waste products and working with metal, you will need to ensure that you are capturing the fumes and dusts as early as possible, since regular exposure can cause health problems both in the short and long term for employees. Many metalworkers have experienced sickness as a result of exposure to metal particulates, with the symptoms ranging from fatigue and flu-like symptoms to breathing difficulties and life-threatening illness.

Vodex offers a wide range of pre-designed and custom-built metalworking solutions that can be configured to suit the needs of your working environment. We work with you to evaluate your current processes and help you to deliver increased productivity and to protect the health of your production and engineering teams. 

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BOFA AD Nano Extraction Unit
The AD Nano Fume Extraction System has been designed to provide low cost and effective solutions for..
BOFA DustPRO 100 Extraction System
**Larger Unit. Quote Required for Est. Shipping Costs - Please Provide Us With Your Shipping Address..
BOFA V4000 High Volume Fume Extraction Unit
** Quote Required for Est. Shipping Costs - Please Provide Us With Your Shipping Address** The V400..
AirBench VertEx Walk-In Booths
Due to the number of options depending on your application, this product requires a quotation – plea..
AirBench Air Cleaning System
The AirBench MF600 is a simple, stand alone air cleaneing system designed to capture airborne dust a..
i20 & i40 Dust Collection Units
The i20 and i40 dry dust collector units are multi-pocketed bag filtration units designed to extract..
i2M and i3M Fume Extraction Arms
The i2M and i3M fume extraction arms offer a cost-effective solution for at source extraction. The i..
AirBench BD500 Bench
The AirBench BD500 Blowdown Booth is designed to allow you to place machined parts on the working su..
KEMPER Exhaust Arms
** FREE SHIPPING TO UK MAINLAND **KEMPER exhaust arms unite high flexibility with ergonomic and safe..
KEMPER Flexible Exhaust Arm Set
** FREE SHIPPING TO UK MAINLAND ** The KEMPER exhaust set consists of a 2 m, 3 m or 4 m long exhaus..
Wet Downdraft Tables for Combustible Dusts
Wet Downdraft Tables offer a vital control process when applications produce combustible or potentia..
KEMPER SmartMaster Welding Extractor
** FREE SHIPPING TO UK MAINLAND ** The KEMPER SmartMaster Welding Extractor is specifically designe..
KEMPER ProfiMaster Welding Extractor
** FREE SHIPPING TO UK MAINLAND ** The KEMPER ProfiMaster is a market leading, robust extraction un..
KEMPER MaxiFil Welding Extractor
** FREE SHIPPING TO UK MAINLAND **The KEMPER MaxiFil Clean Welding Extractor is a dedicated mobile e..
KEMPER MiniFil Welding Extractor
** FREE SHIPPING TO UK MAINLAND **The compact KEMPER MiniFil high-vacuum extraction unit is designed..
KEMPER VacuFil 500
** FREE SHIPPING TO UK MAINLAND **The KEMPER VacuFil 500 extraction system is a dedicated welding ex..
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