New Downdraft Bench Top Fume Extraction System

Written by Paul Riddick on Tuesday, 8 May 2012 in Latest News,

A fantastic fume extraction solution for working with hazardous fumes ! The operator is protected in exactly the same way as a full downflow bench. The air is drawn away from the operator through the perforated stainless steel worksurface at a pre-set speed. Air then travels up the back of the unit and through the carbon or HEPA filter installed into the head section. A pre filter protects the main filter from dust and particulate ingress and this is easily replaced with a unique filter change system.

No installation costs – Simply place the workstation on a bench and connect to a standard electrical supply. No external ducting, building work or changes to heating and ventilation systems.

Energy efficient operation – Recirculatory airflow eliminates the need for laboratory makeup air and integration into ventilation system controls.

Easy access to work area – As the air is drawn down through the work area, no sash or protective screen is required giving the operator unhindered access to the working area.

Environmental benefits – Activated Carbon filters retain / neutralise pollutants eliminating harmful discharge to the environment.

Adaptable – The compact design means the workstation may be easily re-positioned easily

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