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  • Animals and Veterinary Extraction

    Veterinary clinics and other pet-related sectors require extensive fume and dust extraction solutions.

    Caring for such a diverse range of animals can pose many risks including frequent exposure to allergens in the form of dusts, fibres and animal products (hair, fur, dander, urinary proteins, faeces, and parasites). In susceptible individuals this can lead to various degrees of Laboratory Animal Allergy (LAA).

    In addition, veterinary clinics also have several processes that use chemicals that could generate fumes. These include anaesthetics, aerosols, fur and skin treatments, and much more. All of these fumes and dust need to be suitably extracted so they don’t pose a health risk to the people working there.

    At Vodex, we provide specialist veterinary and animal care fume and dust extraction systems. These help you control the risks in your workplace, leaving you free to care for your animals in a clean environment.

    We also understand that you might not immediately find the perfect product for your business. This is why we offer helpful advice that is tailored to your specific requirements. Contact us with your queries and we shall help you find the right fume and dust extraction system for your animal care business.