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  • VODEX SalonAIR® 1001 Unit (Nail Treatments)

  • VODEX SalonAIR® 1002 Unit (Nail Treatments)

  • VODEX SalonAIR® 1002 Unit (Eyelash Extensions)

  • VODEX SalonAIR® 1001 Unit (Laser Hair Removal)

  • VODEX SalonAIR® 1001 Unit (Laser Tattoo Removal)

  • VODEX SalonAIR® 1001 Unit (Moxibustion)

  • Nail Table with Built-In Extraction

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  • BOFA Pure Beauty 180 Extraction Unit (for Nail Technicians)

  • Beauty Treatment Extraction

    While it might not seem very obvious, beauty salons can harbour a variety of fumes, vapours, and dust. These include dust from nail filing, grinding, and acrylic nail dust.

    There are also fumes from products such as nail polish removers, nail varnish, fake nail glue, hair smoothing treatments and bleaching treatments. While each treatment only generates a very small amount of dust or fumes, it all adds up over time.

    All of these different kinds of dust and fumes are proven to be bad for your health and can result in causing health problems for you and your clients.

    Our range of beauty extractors are easy to use, easy to maintain and clean the salon of airborne dust and smells associated with salon treatments. All our products meet SR13 guidelines for Salons and Beauty Treatments.

    If you work in a Salon or from your Home, it is vital that you are aware of and protect yourself and your clients from the dangers these products can pose. Our range of affordable beauty treatment fume and dust extractors are designed specifically to remove these harmful materials from the air.

    Our comprehensive range of affordable extraction systems will be invaluable to your business and the health of your employees. If you have any trouble finding the right product for your needs, get in touch with us.