Building and Construction

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  • OptiFlo Compact Dust Extractor

  • EXTRACTOR 38, 1200M3/HR

  • EXTRACTOR 100, 1200M3/HR

  • EXTRACTOR 100, 1400M3/HR

  • AirBench VertEx VP

  • AirBench RP Downdraft Bench for Stone Dusts

  • DUSTOMAT-10 Mobile Dust Extractor

  • Building & Construction Extraction

    With the building and construction industry being a vital one in the UK, Health and Safety is paramount. Whether it is simple repair work in a home or full-scale construction, you need proper fume and dust extraction systems.

    This is why Vodex and our partners have developed specialist fume and dust extraction and filtration solutions for the building and construction industry. These ensure you are ready for the job at hand.

    A lot of dusts in the building and construction industry are hazardous to your health. From metal grinding and cutting to wood dust from carpentry works, cutting bricks and tiles to cement and plaster dust. All of these pose a risk to workers health without proper ventilation or extraction.

    Vodex offers solutions from both BOFA and Vodex that ensure you have the powerful dust extraction you need with the flexibility and mobility you want to go from job to job with ease.

    While our product range is quite extensive, you might need help in finding or selecting the right fume and dust extraction unit for your business. If this is the case, get in touch with us. We will give you the advice you need to make the right choice.