Electrostatic Control Ionisers

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  • ESD Bench Top Ionisers

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  • ESD Overhead Ionisers

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  • ESD Control Ionisers

    We offer a range of static neutralising Ioniser equipment for your EPA. These are ideal for charge neutralisation in a situation where grounding is not possible. ESD control ionisers can include localised bench ionised air blowers, compressed air ionisers, spot ionisers, tape dispenser ionisers, and total room ionisers.

    ESD control air ionisation can help remove any static charge on objects by creating an opposite charge on the air molecules around them. This way, when a static charge is generated, the ionised air neutralises it.

    While these ionisation systems cannot replace the other primary methods of ESD control, they can help make your work area safer and static-free.

    Our range of benchtop and overhead ionisers is for effective control of static fields in very specific areas or over wider, general areas. If you are not sure which you need, contact us today to talk to our expert sales team.