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  • Digital Torque Meter

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  • ESD Electric Screwdrivers

    Static discharge can be a killer of components in the electronics industry. This is why we offer a selection of products to protect your products from ESD damage. In fact, our range of ESD electric screwdrivers can do more than keep your electronics safe; they also protect your operators from Upper Limb Disorders (ULDs).

    ULDs are conditions which affect the muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves or other soft tissues and joints in the upper limbs such as the neck, shoulders, arms, wrists, hands and fingers. They are often called repetitive strain injuries (RSI), cumulative trauma disorder or occupational overuse syndrome.

    ULDs are widespread across a range of industries and jobs. Any type of work that involves a worker using their arms to carry out tasks can lead to ULDs, like computer use and repetitive assembly work.

    ULDs come with a wide range of symptoms, such as tenderness, aches and pain, stiffness, weakness, tingling, numbness, cramp, or swelling.

    Electric torque screwdrivers are designed to offer the ultimate in power and comfort. Our wide selection of screwdrivers, inline grip, pistol grip and angle models, offer precise torque control and smooth action while tightening or loosening screws.

    These screwdrivers provide an exceptional combination of power and ergonomic features and can prevent ULDs and RSI in the workplace.