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  • 10mm Grounding Studs (100 pack)

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  • Conductive Adhesive for ESD Flooring

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  • Conductive Anti-Static ESD Carpet Tiles

  • ESD A40 Floor Paint

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  • ESD Interlocking Floor Tiles

  • ESD Vinyl Floor Tiles

  • ESD Flooring & Floor Treatments

    We offer a range of anti-static ESD carpets, vinyl flooring and paint solutions to help keep your work area free from static.

    Within the electronics manufacturing industry, people are the single major cause of static problems. The most basic of movements (for example, just swinging your arms or walking across the floor) can create very high electrostatic charges up to several thousand volts. Reducing personnel-generated static charges should, therefore, be the main objective of any static control program.

    Although wrist straps are often used as a primary method of controlling personnel-generated static, many companies are turning to the use of ESD flooring materials (and footwear) as an effective static control component.

    Anti-static floor materials (and proper ESD footwear) perform two main static control functions. (1) They can reduce the generation and build-up of electrostatic charges due to the separation of the shoe sole with the floor and (2) They dissipate existing charges from personnel and moving equipment that are in contact with the floor material.

    Various studies have shown that the combination of proper static control flooring and ESD footwear can reduce static generation from several thousand volts to less than a hundred volts. Also, this combination dissipates static charges from the body very rapidly when a person steps or walks on the flooring material.

    Like all static control procedures, ESD flooring (and ESD footwear) is only a part of the complete program that also may include ESD packaging materials, handling, ionisation, wrist straps, or ESD garments.