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  • VX-PRO500

  • EXTRACTOR 38, 1200M3/HR

  • EXTRACTOR 100, 1200M3/HR

  • EXTRACTOR 100, 1400M3/HR

  • BOFA DustPRO Universal Extraction System

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  • BOFA AD Oracle SAiQ Extraction Unit

  • DUSTOMAT-10 Mobile Dust Extractor

  • Plastic and Composites Fume and Dust Extraction Systems

    Plastic and composites fume and dust extraction is extremely important. These are some of the most common man-made substances on earth, and are used extensively in our daily lives. Producing these multitudes of plastic components can have long last health effects on the workers and operators dealing with plastic dust, plastic powder and fumes on a daily basis.

    As an example, when polyvinyl chloride (PVC) burns, it produces carbon monoxide, dioxins, and chlorinated furans. If these plastic fumes are not extracted, they have been known to have a devastating impact on the body, with links to cancer and immune deficiencies.

    When designing extraction solutions for plastics and composites, it is important to understand what kind of plastic you are dealing with, the process you’ll be using and the contaminants this will produce. Once this is understood, you can determine the best route for containment, management and plastic fume extraction that will ensure you can produce quality products and preserve the health of your employees.