Powder Weighing

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  • ESTA DustoMat 4 Series Dust Extractor

  • OptiFlo Compact Dust Extractor

  • Advanced Ductless Fume Cupboards

  • AirBench FN Downdraft Extraction Bench

  • AirBench FP Welded Downdraft Bench

  • AirBench VertEx Walk-In Booths

  • Basic Ductless Fume Cupboards

  • VODEX Down Flow Work Station

  • VODEX VX1001 Extraction Unit

    £768.00 Incl. VAT
  • VODEX VX1002 Extraction Unit

    £894.00 Incl. VAT
  • BOFA DustPRO 100 Extraction System

  • BOFA DustPRO 1000 iQ Extraction Unit

  • Powder Weighing Dust and Fume Extraction

    Any industry that has processes where fine powder needs to be weighed or handled needs dust extraction systems. Small amounts of even non-toxic powder dust in the air can lead to sensitisation. However, toxic powders can prove to be more dangerous.

    Long-term inhalation of even tiny amounts of powder dust can lead to respiratory problems, including Occupational Asthma. Certain powders can also be flammable, creating a potential for an explosion if they are suspended in the air.

    As a responsible employer, it is your responsibility to ensure that your workplace is safe for your employees.

    At Vodex, we are committed to protecting people and products at work. This is why we offer a complete range of powder dust and fume extraction systems. Our Air Filtration Solutions can be tailored to any industry and need.

    You can choose from a selection of downdraft benches, fume cabinets, arm extraction, and even BOFA’s DustPRO dust extractor systems.

    If you aren’t sure about which dust extraction system you need, get in touch with us. With our 35 years’ experience, we will be able to offer you the right advice and help to choose the best extraction solution for your needs.