Restoring and Preserving

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  • VODEX Insert Down Flow Pod

  • BOFA DustPRO Universal Extraction System

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  • BOFA FumeCAB 1000 iQ

  • BOFA FumeKART Mobile Extraction System

  • BOFA V200 Single User Arm Extraction System

  • BOFA V250 Dual Arm Extraction System

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  • VODEX VX1002 Extraction Unit (for x2 Operators)

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  • Paper and Print Industry Extraction

    Paper dust is a hazard for anyone who works with books and paper. This includes anyone in the paper making industry, printers, library staff, bookshop staff, book restorers and preservers. This is why fume and dust extraction systems are a must for them.

    In addition to paper dust, these professionals must also deal with the dust mites that come with the dust. Additionally, the printing industry also has fumes from the various chemicals and inks used in the printing process.

    These contaminants have been linked to the increased asthma and allergy problems found in workers in these industries. Newer researches and findings are also linking these fumes and dust to increased risk of illnesses like lung cancer, heart attack, skin problems, and even depression.

    With proper extraction solutions, however, these relatively hazard-free professions can become completely safe for everyone involved.

    Our fume and dust extraction solutions are designed specifically for the problems faced with anyone working with paper and books. However, if you can’t find the perfect extraction system for your needs, get in touch with us. We also offer custom solutions.