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  • DC Tromb 400 Series

  • ESTA DustoMat 4 Series Dust Extractor

  • OptiFlo Compact Dust Extractor

  • AirBench FP Welded Downdraft Bench

  • AirBench FPW and FPT Welding and Grinding Downdraft Benches

  • BOFA DustPRO 250 Extraction System

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  • BOFA DustPRO 100 Extraction System

  • BOFA DustPRO 1000 iQ Extraction Unit

  • BOFA DustPRO Universal Extraction System

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  • BOFA V200 Single User Arm Extraction System

  • ESTA DUSTOMAT-16M Dust Extractor

  • Wet System Collectors and Scrubbers

  • Sawdust and Wood Dust Extraction Systems

    If your business relies on cutting and sawing of wood, you would need sawdust and wood dust extraction systems. These processes release dust of varying sizes, and these can cause several health problems if not removed from the surroundings.

    Wood dust can be hazardous to health because it can cause serious non-reversible health problems. These include skin disorders, obstruction in the nose, asthma, and even nasal cancer. In some cases, places that work with wood also work with Formica, which is another dust to consider.

    Differently sized particles can have different health impacts. The way the respiratory system responds to inhaled particles depends on where the particle settles. If the dust settles in the nose, it can lead to an inflammation of the mucous membrane. In the larger air passages, it can cause inflammation of the windpipe (Tracheitis) or the lungs (Bronchitis).

    When particles get in as far as the deeper parts of the lungs, the reactions are more severe. Dust in the sacs or at the end of the airways can end up causing irreversible damage. This is why it is so important to have sawdust and dust extraction systems.

    With our extensive selection, you will be able to find the right sawdust extractor system or dry woodworking dust extraction system. If you are still unsure about which product will be right for you, get in touch with us. Our team has years of experience and will be able to help you make the right choice.