AirBench FP Welded Downdraft Bench


The AirBench FP is a heavy-duty Downdraft Bench, ideal extraction for many dry dust applications. Used as a standard work bench with extraction and filters built in. Unlike the FN AirBench Range, the FP Range includes models for high volume and special duty vapours and fumes.

  • Atmospheric dusts and high volume fumes
  • Flour or similar powder weighing and processing
  • Glass fibre Reinforced Plastic (GRP) trimming and finishing
  • Dry stone cutting, ceramics
  • Airline cleaning of electrical components and PCs after use
  • Tool cleaning.
  • Hazardous Vapours
  • And More
  • Multiple sizes to fit different working areas
  • Multiple filter choices for many applications
  • Open Working Area
  • Filter monitor gage
  • Heavy duty
  • Replaceable filters
  • 230v Plug and Play
  • Speed Control
  • Draft Skirts
  • Rubber Surface Mats
  • 3 Sided Surrounds
  • Enclosures (3 sides and top)
  • Hours Run Meters
  • Custom Builds

The AirBench FP is an industrial dust extraction bench, constructed from fully welded 2mm steel panels, powder coated grey as standard. The working surface is constructed from 3mm perforated steel plate, also powder coated grey.

The FP extraction bench is designed for continuous, production level duties in industrial environments, and is suitable for surface loads up to 100kg.

The Filters are positively clamped against soft rubber seals; Replacement is via lifting the Top Access Grill. Filter changes can be accomplished in minutes.

The AirBench FP complies with the HSE and COSHH requirements for controlling airborne contaminants in the work place.


Model Dimensions (mm) Ventilated Area (mm)
FP066784 660 x 660 x 840 600 x 600
FP126784 1270 x 660 x 840 1200 x 600
FP186784 1870 x 660 x 840 1800 x 600
FP129784 1270 x 960 x 840 1200 x 900
FP189784 1870 x 960 x 840 1800 x 900


Filter Type Pre Filter Main Filter Applications
A – Non Sparking Dusts  No EU4/100: 95% @ 5 Microns Course dusts. Plastics, GRP, Atmospheric Dusts or Similar
F – Fine Dusts EU4/50: 85% @ 0.4 Microns. F7: 95% @ 1 Micron Carbon Fibre Sanding, Powder Sampling, Other Composites, Softwoods, Tool Cleaning (non RCS). General Dust
B – Very Fine Dust EU4/50: 85% @ 0.4 Microns F9: 95% @ 0.5 Microns Fingerprinting, Rapid Prototyping, Conservation and Restoration, Printer & Toner, Some Chemical Dusts
L – HEPA EU4/50: 85% @ 0.4 Microns H13: 99.99% @ 0.3 Microns Pharmaceuticals, Hardwoods & MDF, RCS Materials, Hazardous Dust, Powder Sampling, Laboratory
C – Dust and Light Sparks Labyrinth & Media Pad: 98% @ 10 Microns M6 Flame Retardant: 95% @ 0.5 Microns Fettling, Metal Sanding, Deburring, Weld Dressing
E – Low Volume Fume EU4/50: 85% @ 0.4 Microns 208EA Carbon Cell Low volume vapours, Solvents, Conformal Coating, Adhesives, Airbrushing, Cleaning Fluids. NOT for MEK
J – High Volume Fume EU4/50: 85% @ 0.4 Microns 208EA Deep Bed Carbon Cell Higher volume vapours, Solvents, Conformal Coating, Adhesives, Airbrushing, Cleaning Fluids. NOT for MEK
R – Special Duty Fume EU25 Media Pad Chemisorb Carbon Cell Formaldehyde, Nitrogen Dioxides, Sulphur Dioxides, Hydrogen Sulphide, MEK’s
S – Smoke and Fume EU4/50: 85% @ 0.4 Microns F9: 95% @ 0.4 Microns & Carbon Cell Soldering Brazing, Silver Soldering and similar

Additional information


240 Single Phase. 3m Main Lead 13amp plug
FP066784: 0.17kW
FP126784: 0.37kW
FP186784: 0.57kW
FP129784: 0.57kW
FP189784: 1.14kW


Powder Coated Grey Mild Steel


FP066784: 1500m3/hr
FP126784: 3000m3/hr
FP186784: 4500m3/hr
FP129784: 4500m3/hr
FP189784: 6250m3/hr


<70dB at 1mtr


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