AirBench FPK Welded Downdraft Bench

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The AirBench FPK Downdraft Extraction Bench range is ideal for many dry dust applications such as fettling and grinding, wood working (including MDF), trimming and fettling of plastics, atmospheric dusts, powder weighing and processing, GRP trimming and finishing, dry stone cutting, ceramics, airline cleaning of electrical components and PCs after use, tool cleaning. Carbon filter options are available for the extraction of fumes and vapours.

The AirBench FPK Range is constructed from fully welded 2mm, powder coated steel panels. The surface is constructed from 3mm perforated steel plate with a surface loading weight of 100kgs. The AirBench FPK Range is an ideal extraction solution for medium to heavier and continuous industrial applications with added knee space for operators to sit comfortably at the bench.

All units are supplied with an integral 240v fan set with IP56 motor enclosure; on/off switch (optional speed control); 3m mains lead; and fused plug. A precision filter pressure loss gauge is fitted as standard on all units to allow real-time monitoring of filter condition.

Simply put the AirBench FPK Downdraft Bench in place, plug it an away you go in true Plug And Play Style. Easy to set up and easy to use.

Filters are positively clamped against soft rubber seals; filters can be quickly accessed via the front flap. Replacement is via lowering of the hinged front cover. Filter changes can be accomplished in minutes.

The Airbench FPK Range complies with HSE and COSHH requirements for controlling airborne contaminants in the work place.

Standard Features:

  • Multiple sizes to fit different working areas.
  • Multiple filter choices for many applications*
  • Filter monitor gauge
  • Heavy duty
  • Replaceable filters
  • 3m Mains Power Cable
  • Noise level of 63 dB
  • HSE Compliant

Additional information

Main Features

5 Sizes Available
Multiple Filter Options for Fume and Dust Extraction
Heavy Duty Welded Steel
Recirculating – Non-Ducted
Plug & Play
Safety Alarm
Optional Accessories Available


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