AirBench VertEx VP

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The Vertex VP range is a modular booth system designed to handle larger volumes of dust. The system allows multiple Vertex units to be added together to create booths of various sizes for a range of spaces and applications.

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Some dust extraction applications are too large for a Downdraft Bench such as the AirBench FN Range or they have a heavier dust load, making disposable filters expensive to replace regularly.

For these applications we use a modular, cross-draught extraction system with pulse-jet filters. The Vertex VP Modular Extraction System is the same as the Vertex VA system but with added Pulse-Jet Cleanable Filters for heavy dust loads. The Vertex VP extraction booth system uses modular extraction stacks to create “walls” of extraction. These modules are available in various sizes and can easily be joined together side by side to create an extraction booth sized to the customers needs.

The VP system uses internal compressed air to blow the dust loads of the filter cartridges (external compressed air supply required)

These modules draw large volumes of air sideways (cross-draught), past the operator and into internal filters, returning clean air to the room. Components such as side and top panels can be added, along with internal lighting, to create an open fronted, walk in extraction booth.

  • Heavy dusts such as aggregates
  • Higher Volumes of Dust
  • Grinding & Fettling
  • Dry stone cutting, ceramics
  • Welding and Brazing
  • Modular System
  • Pulse Jet Cleaning
  • Internal Cartridge Filters
  • Large Extraction Area
  • Heavy duty
  • Enclosure panels
  • HEPA Filter
  • Internal lighting
  • Additional modules can be added later
  • Hours Run Meters


Model Width (mm) Height (mm) Depth (m) Ventilated Area (mm)
VP121224 1274 2465 700 1200 x 1400
VPL121224 1274 2735 700 1200 x 1400
VP181224 1874 2465 700 1800 x 1400
VPL181224 1874 2465 700 1800 x 1400


Filter Type Pre Filter Main Filter Applications
M – Stone Dusts & Similar  No F7: 95% @ 1 Micron Aggregate Dust, Stone, Silica and similar
N – Stone Dusts & Similar F7: 95% @ 1 Micron HEPA H13: 99.99% @ 0.3 Micron Heavy Dust Loads, Stone, Silica, Aggregates and similar
T – Grinding Dust & Similar No F7: 95% @ 1 Micron Grinding, Fettling, Weld Dressing and Similar
Q -Welding Fume and Similar F7: 95% @ 1 Micron H13: 99.99% @ 0.3 Microns Welding and Brazing Fume


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