AirBench VertEx Walk-In Booths

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The Vertex VA range is a modular booth system designed to handle larger volumes of dust. The system allows multiple Vertex units to be added together to create booths of various sizes for a range of spaces and applications.


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Some dust extraction applications are too large for a Downdraft Bench such as the AirBench FN Range.

For these applications we use a modular, cross-draught extraction system such as the Vertex VA Modular Extraction System. The Vertex VA extraction booth system uses modular extraction stacks to create “walls” of extraction. These modules are available in various sizes and can easily be joined together side by side to create an extraction booth sized to the customers needs.

These modules draw large volumes of air sideways (cross-draught), past the operator and into internal filters, returning clean air to the room. Components such as side and top panels can be added, along with internal lighting, to create an open fronted, walk in extraction booth.

  • Atmospheric dusts
  • Higher Volumes of Dust
  • Glass fibre Reinforced Plastic (GRP) trimming and finishing
  • Dry stone cutting, ceramics
  • Airline cleaning of electrical components and PCs after use
  • Large Working Areas
  • And More
  • Modular System
  • Multiple modules can be added together
  • Open Working Area
  • Large Extraction Area
  • Heavy duty
  • Internal Filters
  • Speed Control
  • Enclosure panels
  • Internal lighting
  • Additional modules can be added later
  • Hours Run Meters


Model Width (mm) Height (mm) Depth (m) Ventilated Area (mm)
VA120618 1274 1760 700 1200 x 600
VA121218 1274 1760 700 1200 x 1200
VA180618 1874 1760 700 1800 x 600
VA181218 1874 1760 700 1800 x 1200
VA120624 1274 2465 700 1200 x 600
VA121224 1274 2465 700 1200 x 1200
VA180624 1874 2465 700 1800 x 600
VA181224 1874 2465 700 1800 x 1200
VA181824 1874 2465 700 1800 x 1800


Filter Type Pre Filter Main Filter Applications
A – Non Sparking Dusts  No EU4/100: 95% @ 5 Microns Course dusts. Plastics, GRP, Atmospheric Dusts or Similar
F – Fine Dusts EU4/50: 85% @ 0.4 Microns. F7: 95% @ 1 Micron Carbon Fibre Sanding, Powder Sampling, Other Composites, Softwoods, Tool Cleaning (non RCS). General Dust
B – Very Fine Dust EU4/50: 85% @ 0.4 Microns F9: 95% @ 0.5 Microns Fingerprinting, Rapid Prototyping, Conservation and Restoration, Printer & Toner, Some Chemical Dusts
L – HEPA EU4/50: 85% @ 0.4 Microns H13: 99.99% @ 0.3 Microns Pharmaceuticals, Hardwoods & MDF, RCS Materials, Hazardous Dust, Powder Sampling, Laboratory
C – Dust and Light Sparks Labyrinth & Media Pad: 98% @ 10 Microns M6 Flame Retardant: 95% @ 0.5 Microns Fettling, Metal Sanding, Deburring, Weld Dressing
E – Low Volume Fume EU4/50: 85% @ 0.4 Microns 208EA Carbon Cell Low volume vapours, Solvents, Conformal Coating, Adhesives, Airbrushing, Cleaning Fluids. NOT for MEK

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2mm Powder Coated Mild Steel Grey


230v Single Phase or 415v 3 Phase Economical Centirfugal Fans

VA120618: 0.74kW
VA121218: 0.74kW
VA180618: 0.74kW
VA181218: 1.48kW
VA120624: 0.74kW
VA121224: 1.48kW
VA121824: 1.48kW
VA180624: 0.74kW
VA181224: 1.48kW
VA181824: 2.22kW


VA120618: 5100m3/hr
VA121218: 5100m3/hr
VA180618: 5100m3/hr
VA181218: 10,200m3/hr
VA120624: 5100m3/hr
VA121224: 10,200m3/hr
VA121824: 10,200m3/hr
VA180624: 5100m3/hr
VA181224: 10,200m3/hr
VA181824: 15,300m3/hr

Noise Level

70 dBA at 1mtr


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