BOFA 50mm LED Light Arms

BOFA’s wide range of volume extraction accessories includes 50mm LED Extraction Arms.

Available in black or white, these arms can be mounted into BOFA’s unique flip top mount. They can be easily moved to the best angle to suit your application, and there are 8 LED lights at the end of the funnel lighting up your working area.

The black version is made from ESD anti-static plastic, primarily for the electronics industry, whilst the white non-ESD version would look great in any beauty/clinical environment. These 50mm extraction arms do not connect directly to the extraction unit, and require a BOFA bench mounting system to use (sold separately). The black 50mm Extraction Arm is made from ESD Anti-Static Plastic, primarily for the electronics industry, and the white version will look great in any professional beauty salon or nail bar.

Unsure if these BOFA accessories will fit your BOFA unit? Call us today or chat to us online, and we will be happy to help.

Standard Features:

  • High enegry efficiency and maintenance-free
  • Eight Powerful LEDs provide up to 58 lumens
  • Low energy consumption
  • Long life time
  • 12v DC operation

Additional information

Weight 6 kg
Connection Type

Cuff (Beauty) / 38mm Flip Top (Electronics)

Arm Length




Electrical Data (Voltage)

12v DC

Main Features

Energy Efficient Up To 58 Lumens Long Lifetime 12v DC


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