BOFA Pure Beauty 180 Unit (x1 Nail Technician)

Additional information

Main Features

Blocked Filter Indicator
20second Overrun – Safety Feature
Activated Carbon Gas Filter
F7 Efficiency 96% @ 2 microns
Thermal Safety Trip
50mm Stay Put Extraction Arm – Other Options Available


Approximate 7 week manufacturing lead time.

Pre-orders can be taking to guarantee products.

Thank you in advance for your patience & understanding, from everyone at #TeamVODEX <3

The VODEX PB180 is single user, dual point extraction system that has been specially designed for the beauty and cosmetic industry to extract and remove harmful fumes and air borne dust generated during beauty treatments.

Beauty treatments can produce a lot of dusts, vapours (smells) and fumes that are harmful not only to the technician but also to the client. The salon has a legal responsibility under not only Health and Safety but also under the COSHH regulations to ensure that the environment is safe and free of any hazardous contaminates (like nail dust) that could pose a health risk for the technicians and the clients.

Many of the current nail desk extraction and dust removal options simply recirculate the solvent laden and still dirty air within the salon.

The Pure Beauty Range offers not only effective control of these harmful dusts and fumes but also complies with all the legal requirements under Health and Safety and under the COSHH regulations, but also provides protection for the technicians and clients.

The ideal solution for your salon environment, the PB180 filter system will fit easily into any salon, without the need to replace existing nail stations or furniture. The multi-layered pre-filter and specially treated chemical carbon filter in the Pure Beauty system capture all the harmful contaminants such as the nail dust and fumes from nail polish, and return the cleaned air back into the salon.

The dual point extraction system adds an additional layer of protection by increasing the extraction zone.

What are you waiting for…Ensure safety for you and your clients

Standard Product Contents:

  • PB180 Extraction Unit
  • x1 Pre-Filter
  • x1 Carbon Gas Filter
  • x1 Power Cable
  • x2 Installation Kits & Non-LED Extraction Arms

Additional Accessories (Unit ONLY):

  • LED Extraction Arms
  • FileOTRAY System(s)
  • FileOWAYSystem

Additional information

Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 39 × 39 × 67 cm
Main Features

Blocked Filter Indicator
20second Overrun – Safety Feature
Activated Carbon Gas Filter
F7 Efficiency 96% @ 2 microns
Thermal Safety Trip
50mm Stay Put Extraction Arm – Other Options Available

3 reviews for BOFA Pure Beauty 180 Unit (x1 Nail Technician)

  1. Paige Wilkey

    I want to say a huge thank you to Vodex for helping me find the perfect dust and fume extractor for me and my salon.
    The pure beauty is an amazing system that really is worth every penny!
    The customer service that Vodex has given before, during and after has been exceptional! They answered every question in depth and without hesitation which secured for me that this system was the right one for me!
    All I can say is thank you!

  2. Tanya Brown

    Fabulous machine every nail tech needs one…. expensive but let me tell you worth every penny, I have had mine for 6 months and it’s the best investment I’ve made. I love it for ease of clean up at the end of the day… no dust! Yes you read correctly no dust! But most of all no harmful vapours. Vodex as a company have been fabulous, no question to silly to answer, customer service outstanding I absolutely recommend them. There are cheaper systems out there! Don’t waste your money! Buy cheap buy twice!!! Thank you Vodex for your outstanding customer service

  3. Natasha S. Hertfordshire, UK

    "I’ve Finally Found the Best Nail Dust Extractor Ever!"

    After hunting around for over a year, I came across the ‘ VODEX FileOTray ‘ extraction system for dust and fumes.
    I can honestly say without doubt, that it’s the best investment I’ve ever made within my salon to protect my clients and my own health.
    I initially had reservations, as it was a huge outlay for me, but I have absolutely no regrets, it’s worth every penny!
    I previously owned a nail dust extractor (purchased elsewhere, and not even comparable to the VODEX FileOTray), but I was still finding both myself and my desk absolutely covered in dust, so understandably I was sceptical.
    However, before purchasing this phenomenal piece of equipment and after speaking in great length on many occasions to Natasia, I was completely reassured, and all my questions and queries were answered.
    VODEX’ customer service, both before and after my purchase was incredible and I can’t recommend them enough, they are all so professional and knowledgeable.
    I work over 40 hours a week in my salon, my working environment is now so pleasant to be in, it has literally changed my life.
    As well as extracting the harmful dust and fumes from the acrylic/acetone’s etc. it looks professional too, and I can now "breathe easier" knowing that the dust is going into the unit and not into my lungs!
    I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Natasia for her fantastic customer care and a huge thank you to VODEX for designing such an excellent and much needed piece of equipment for use in the Beauty Industry.

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