BOFA V2000 iQ High Volume Extraction System

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The V 2000 iQ fume extraction unit for the electronics industry packs a heavyweight punch with unsurpassed filter capacity and high performance. The V2000iQ offers superb feature to cost ratios with one of the best in-class performances for fume extraction.

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The BOFA V2000 iQ utilises technology that is proven to deliver high quality performance whilst ensuring the airflow and filtration are continuously maintained, even when particulates begin to build up.

The V2000 iQ system has a vacuum pressure 3x more powerful than its predecessor. This makes the V2000 iQ suitable for some of the most demanding fume extraction applications. You can rely on extended filter life, together with effective removal of fumes and smoke particulates.

  • Solder Fume Extraction
  • Multiple Point Extraction
  • Wave and Rework Solder Fume Extractor
  • Adhesive, Potting and Dipping Fumes
  • Laboratory Extraction
  • Chemical vapours and Gases
  • General Fume Extraction
  • And More
  • Integrated Digital speed control
  • 3 Stage Filtration
  • Onboard iQ system
  • Real time airflow monitoring
  • Automatic Flow Control
  • Powerful Airflow Performance
  • Real time filter monitoring
  • High filter capacity
  • 24v Remote Stop/Start
  • Filter Change Indicator
  • VOC Sensor
  • On-Board Compressor

The BOFA V2000iQ incorporates a user-friendly design that makes easy work of filter changes and easy to read and use controls, as the display panel is conveniently located on top of the unit. The iQ Operating System is Patent-protected and has received global acclaim for its ability to maximise manufacturing performance and continuity of production.

The V2000 iQ also permits greater flexibility of different exhaust installations which can allow recirculation via the rear panel or externally vented hose connection systems and has a host of options including automatic stop/ start 24 interface, filter monitoring and onboard compressor.

The BOFA V2000iQ complies with the HSE and COSHH requirements for controlling airborne contaminates in the work place.


Additional information

Weight350 kg
Construction Material

(PC) Powder Coated Mild Steel

Dimensions (H x W x D)

1277mm x 1318mm x 1013mm

Electrical Data (Voltage)

United Kingdom and Europe: 415v 3 Phase 50Hz 6.6kW. L1,L2,L3 – 16A. N-28A United States (USA): 208v 3 Phase 60Hz 6.6kW L1,L2,L3 – 20A. N-35A

Flow Rate

2200m3/hr @ 96mBar


2 x DeepPleat Duo Pre-Filters. 95% Effective @ 0.9 Microns 2 x Combined HEPA/ Carbon Filters: H13 HEPA: 99.995% Effective @ 0.3 Microns with 34kgs of Activated Carbon per Filter (68kgs total)

Inlet/ Outlet Size

x2 125mm Inlets

Noise Level





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