Dry Filter Bench Spray Booths

Our Dry-Back Booths are compact, flexible systems designed to handle high amounts of fumes and vapours. There are multiple sizes in the range so the system can be adjusted to suit your application. The extract Fan, Electrical Starter (DOL) and ECO Filter is included in the package.

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If you’re looking for a convenient work surface at a comfortable height, look no further, our flexible extraction booth range is the perfect solution. These adaptable booths are suitable for a wide range of applications and can be sized as needed for your application and work place.

  • Light Spray and Dusts
  • Higher Volumes of Fumes and Vapours
  • Spraying
  • Adhesives
  • Large Working Areas
  • And More
  • Various Widths
  • 2mtrs High and 1.1m deep as Standard
  • Open Working Area
  • Large Extraction Area
  • Heavy duty
  • Fan, DOL Starter and ECO Filter included as Standard
  • Various Widths
  • Custom options
  • Integrated Bench Work Top
  • Integrated Under Cupboard (requires work top)
  • Other Filter Options

All booths are supplied with an access panel in the extract plenum for ease of maintenance.

The standard fan as specified below is suitable for a vertical run of ducting and the inclusion of one 90° bend, if more ducting is required then the fan may require up-rating.

Models up to VXMB 100 (inclusive) use a centrifugal fan. Model sizes above this use a belt driven axial fan as standard. Note that silencing may be required to attenuate noise levels.


Model Booth Width
(internal) (mm)
Extraction Rate
Ducting Dia
of Fans
Motor size
VXMB 75 750 0.42 250 (10″) 1 0.37
VXMB 100 1,000 0.71 250 (10″) 1 1.1
VXMB 150 1,500 1.06 450 (18″) 1 0.55
VXMB 200 2,000 1.4 450 (18″) 1 0.55
VXMB 225 2,250 1.46 450 (18″) 1 0.55
VXMB 300 3,000 2.12 500 (20″) 1 1.1
VXMB 450 4,500 3.15 560 (22″) 1 1.5
VXMB 500 5,000 3.5 630 (25″) 1 2.2


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