Electrostatic Field Meters

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The SL7100 is a handheld, portable, digital electrostatic field meter, detects and accurately measures electrostatic fields. This kit Includes carrying pouch and ground cord.

Compliance verification should include periodic checks with a static field meter to determine if high charging material is present in the ESD protected area. All packaging and other materials that may be electrostatic-generative to 2000 volts must be kept a minimum of 12″ from ESD-sensitive items at all times. It is proper to rub an item and measure that it can charge.

The SL7100 electrostatic field monitor has a test range of 0 – 160kV and can measure fields, potentials and discharge times. The Automatic Field to Voltage Conversion (V/mV) can be set according to the selected distance.

The SL7100 portable feild monitor is very stable and requires zero adjustments

Measuring range (EFM/ CPS mode):

Distance: Range: Max. Resolution
1cm 0-8 kV 1 volt
2cm 0-16 kV 2 volt
5cm 0-40 kV 10 volts
10cm 0-80 kV 1 volt
20cm 0-160 kV 20 volts
E-Field Mode 0-800 kV/m 100 V/m
CPS Mode +1.000 to 100 volts 0,1 sec

Technical Data:

  • Power supply:  9V rechargeable battery (IEC6F22) or rechargeable battery
  • Range: 0-160kV / 0 – 800 kV/m
  • Display:  2 row LCD- display
  • Dimension: 70 x 122 x 26mm (W x L x H)
  • Supplied With:  9V battery, Grounding cable, Carrying bag
  • Weight:  130g (without battery)
  • 1 year limited warranty
  • Recommended calibration interval: 2 years

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Weight 12 kg


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