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A range of ESD personal grounding products to meet IEC-61340 standards.

We have several ESD Curly Cords available – 1.8m long with 10mm female stud to 10mm female stud cords OR 10mm Stud to banana plug with clip (Longer cords available on request) for connection to ESD Wrist Straps, ESD Bench Matting and Common Earth Grounding Points.

Our Anti Allergy Wrist Straps ensure no metal parts are in contact with the skin. Our ESD Wrist Bands are worn by the operator and connected, via an ESD connection cord, to and ESD common earth point such as an ESD Mat or bench mounted ESD Earth Bonding point. Our ESD Anti-Allergy Wristbands are light blue and designed to be comfortable, strong and flexible. Each ESD Wristband is made from 7 strands of reinforced tinsel wire sheathed in polyurethane.

These products comply with IEC-61340 standards.

Requirementes As Per EN 61340-5-1 paragraph 5.5 EPA working practices

“The primary means of grounding personnel shall normally be by a wrist strap connected to an EBP (Earth Bonding Point).” Paragraph 5.2.7 “The wrist strap shall consist of a band that fits snugly around the wrist and a cord to connect the band to an EBP. The wrist strap shall incorporate a quick release connection. The cord shall have a termination compatible with the EBP and shall incorporate at least one insulated current-limiting resistor. The total resistance from hand to EBP shall be in accordance with table 1 [Rg 7,5 x 10E5 to 3,5 x 10E7 ohms].”

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