ESD Floor Test Kit

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This ESD Floor Test Kit has been developed to offer a quick simple test procedure for testing the electrical characteristics of flooring.  The kit is supplied with a conductive carrying case.

This unique hand held instrument can be used to check that the ESD floor is actually grounding the operator. It also checks the heel straps and ESD footwear is working in conjunction with the ESD flooring.

Scope of Tester:

The Auto switching Floor test I designed to check that ESD floors are properly bonded to Earth and with the 5 meter shielded Earth to floor Tester cable (supplied) allows quick and easy testing.

The Floor Tester tests the effectiveness of the floor’s grounding by either a dynamic test where the operator, wearing approved and checked ESD footwear, walks around the factory floor or a static test when using the supplied weight.

When the shielded Floor Tester to weight cable is connected to the tester the operator is automatically isolated from the test button.

The kit is supplied with:

  • 1 x auto switching floor test
  • 1 x 2.5kg floor weight
  • 2 x conductive foam pads
  • 1 x 9v battery
  • 1 x 5 metre, shielded, earth to floor tester cable.
  • This earth plug is not fitted with a resistor
  • 1 x shielded weight to floor tester cable.

Dynamic Test: This test will check the Earth bonding through the operator’s footwear and the floor, it is essential that the operators footwear in checked (and passes) using a wrist and foot strap test station (KSWST3) prior to using a Floor Tester.

Test Method:

Plug the Earth plug into a wall socket

Plug the other end into the bottom of the Floor Tester as indicated by the earth symbol.

Ensure that the shielded weight to Floor Tester cable IS NOT connected to the Floor Tester.

Press and hold the test button as you walk on the floor ensuring that the operator is not wearing gloves, finger cots or anything else that will isolate the operator from the conductive button.

Static Test: Using the supplied weight this test will check the Earth bonding of the floor from the point at which the weight is placed on the floor and the floor’s Earth bonding point.

Test Method:

Plug the Earth plug into a wall socket

Plug the other end into the bottom of the Floor Tester as indicated by the earth symbol shown above.

Plug the shielded weight to Floor Tester cable into the Floor Tester.

Place the weight onto the floor, on uneven floors use the supplied conductive foam pads.

Press the hold and Test button.

Results: GREEN light illuminates – This indicates that the floor and operator are correctly grounded at the point where the test is being carried out.

RED light illuminates- This indicated that the Earthing of the floor or at that point is not sufficient to provide protection against ESD.

YELLOW light illuminates – This shows that the battery has enough charge to correctly test the Earth bonding.


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