ESTA DUSTOMAT-16M Dust Extractor

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The DUSTOMAT-16 M series has been designed for the extraction of a wide range of dust at mobile work stations. Point-based capture of dusts, such as stone, graphite, or concrete dust, is done using an extraction arm.

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The ESTA DUSTOMAT 16M is designed for extracting mineral and silica dusts in the stone industry. An optional unit mounted arm effectively captures the dust, even from energised dust being produced from applications such as cutting, grinding and sanding of dust. The swept hood offers a wide capture dust for dust clouds and the robust, metal design can easily handle chips and small chunks of stone.

The M Class filter cartridges are cleanable, with manual or air cleaning options, and are designed for long life, reducing overall running costs. The high capacity dust bin houses disposable dust bags for quick and effective dust deposit removal.

  • Dry Dust Applications
  • Mobile and Changing Work Areas
  • Aggregate, Mineral and Silica Dusts
  • Dry stone cutting, ceramics
  • Swarf, Granulated Dust and Chips
  • Metals, Plastic, Rubber and more
  • And More
  • Cleanable Filter with Easy access dust Collection Bin
  • Heavy Duty Trolley
  • Industrial Arm Connection Options
  • Differential Pressure Gauge with Filter Monitoring
  • Long Life Filters
  • High Capacity Dust Collection Bin
  • 1 x  230 volt or 3 x 400 volt  Options
  • Alternate Filter Types such as Oil/Water Resistant and Anti-Static
  • Alternate Arm Lengths
  • Alternate Capture Hoods

The ESTA DUSTOMAT 16M has options for 2 and 3 mtr arms for maximum reach. The arm is highly flexible and the capture hood has increased rotation. The arm is heavy duty metal and plastic, ideal to handle the abrasive nature of course and heavy dusts.

Additional information

Weight 110 kg


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