DustoMat 4 Series Dust Extractor

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The DustoMat 4 Series is a compact, powerful dry dust extractor suitable for a wide range of applications. From small single point extraction to multiple connections across a workshop. The DustoMat 4 Series is a true all rounder.

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The DustoMat 4 series compact, dry dust extractor offer considerable performance to class ratios with high levels of suction power whilst maintaining superb energy efficiency. The compact housing design across the range has been developed to reduce energy usage, decrease compressed air consumption and increase power.

The DustoMat 4 series is ideal for almost any dry dust type and industry and included long life, self clean filter cartridges, adaptable connection options, various inline accessories and easy to access dust collection drawer.

  • Single and Multiple Point Extraction
  • Dry Dusts
  • Glass fibre Reinforced Plastic (GRP) trimming and finishing
  • Dry stone cutting, ceramics
  • Swarf, Granulated Dust and Chips
  • Metals, Plastic, Rubber and more
  • Machine tools such as saws, drills, CNC’s
  • And More
  • 2 main sizes with a host of optional extra’s
  • Powerful Suction Performance
  • Onboard, Reverse Pulse Jet Filter Cleaning
  • Digital System Monitoring and Display
  • Long Life Filters
  • Range of Accessories
  • Easy Access Dust Collection Draw
  • Lockable Castors
  • ATEX Zone 22 ratings
  • HEPA Certification
  • Eco+ Models
  • Range of Pre-Separator Add-ons including Spark Protection
  • Frequency Inverter (speed controllable)
  • Custom Builds

The DustoMat 4 Series comprises of 2 base models, the 4-10 and the 4-24. The 4-10 is the smaller of the two, ideal for one or two connection points. All the range’s variations are based on these two models. Accessories and Pre-Separators are based on the application and material in use type.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A

4-10: 1460mm x 935mm x 1440mm (L x D x H)
4-24: 1660mm x 935mm x 1640mm (L x D x H)

Electrical Data

3 x 400v

4-10: 2.2kW Motor
4-24: 4.0kW Motor


4-10: 2,000m3/hr Max Neg Pa: 2,600
4-24: 3,300m3/hr Max Neg Pa: 3,600


4-10: 160mm
4-24: 200mm

Dust Capacity

2 x Cartridge Filters with 90ltr Dust Collection Drawer

Sound Levels

68 – 70 dbA Free Field

Compressed Air

4 – 6 Bar of Clean, Dry, Grease Free Compressed Air.


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