HCM Heavy Duty Downflow Extraction Benches

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A new range of heavy-duty steel downflow benches that meet and exceed COSHH and HSE Regulations for Grinding and Welding.  All fumes and dust are captured at source via the very heavy-duty open top grid.

The unique micro-structure of the U-Tex® PTFE membrane Cartridge Filters consist of millions of fine fibres, which arrest even the smallest particles.

During the welding and cutting process superfine particles are generated which are between 0.1 microns and 1.0 microns in size. Particles of this size are therefore small enough to be inhaled into the alveoli of the lungs.  The effective pore size of the U-Tex® PTFE membrane is that small, that even particles at 0.1 micron will be filtered up to 92 %, and an efficiency of about 99% to 0.4 microns.

The U-Tex® PTFE membrane filters are therefore the ultimate technology for welding and cutting processes. Consequently, the high efficiency membrane guarantees an excellent filtration performance and offers outstanding cleaning characteristics, allowing the clean air back into the workshop and not ducted to atmosphere.

Also included as standard are spark separator pre-filters and cleanable steel mesh filters.  The U-Tex® Cartridge Filter elements are automatically cleaned with 6 bar compressed air by rotating nozzles.  An optional carbon filter can be added to remove vapours and smell.

  • 2m, 3m or 4 m long Extraction Arms can also be connected to the same bench, which allows remote extraction sources to be reached from the bench
  • Arm extraction and Bench extraction can be isolated through the use of electrical dampers
  • Emergency stop button for immediate shut down
  • Alternative Anti-static flexible dust suction hoses up to 10 m lengths can also be connected to offer extraction from remote areas (instead of arm)
  • Available without cartridge filters, which can then can be connected to a central ventilation system (available on request)
  • Made from heavy duty steel. Painted with durable powder coated paint finish
  • Canopy enclosure included that can be fixed at any angle and offer a full 180° opening to hose large work pieces.
  • The working surface is extremely durable. Can be covered with different protective material. (Optional)
  • Easily movable on locking castors for ease of location and relocation.

Suitable for:

Welding, Grinding, Deburring, Buffing, Powder, Mixing, Sanding, Soldering, Spray, Painting, Plasma, Cutting, Polishing, Chipping, Cleaning Odour Control (with optional carbon filters), and similar many applications.

Product Codes:

V570-HCM-99 Base Model without Filter and Arm
V570-HCM-99-F Filtered Base Model without Arm
V570-HCM-100 Without Filter. with 2m Arm
V570-HCM-101 Without Filter. with 3m Arm
V570-HCM-102 Without Filter. with 4m Arm
V570-HCM-100-F Filtered with 2m Arm
V570-HCM-101-F Filtered with 3m Arm
V570-HCM-102-F Filtered with 4m Arm
V570-HCM-H5 Filtered with 152mm x 5m Flexible Anti-static Hose
V570-HCM-H10 Filtered with 152mm x 10m Flexible Anti-static Hose

Additional information

Weight 198 kg
Construction Material

Powder Coated Mild Steel RAL 1003

Dimensions (HxWxD)

900 x 1500 x 900mm

Electrical Data (Voltage)

3Ph 380 Volt/50 Hz

Flow Rate

5000 m3/h

Inlet/Outlet Size

150 mm

Motor Power

5 kw 3000 rpm

Noise Level

68 dB(A)


198 kgs

Filter Efficiency

>98% to 0.4 microns


Surface Filtration via PTFE Cartridges


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