KEMPER Filter Table

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The fume extraction filter table is an affordable combination of working table and filter unit. The large work surface allows for effective work during welding and grinding with low to medium levels of smoke and dust.

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The KEMPER Filter Table is an effective solution for extracting harmful particles generated during welding and cutting. The Filter Table is made from a heavy gauge, powder coated steel with a robust support frame and works by the process of downdraft.

  • Welding Fumes and Dust
  • grinding Dust
  • Occasional to Frequent Use
  • Low to Medium Levels of Smoke and Dust
  • Open Working Area
  • Self-contained Filter System
  • Easy to Change Filters
  • Filter monitor gage
  • Spark Protection
  • Activated Carbon Filter

The integrated fan draws the contaminated air down through the perforated work surface, keeping any harmful particulates away from the operators breathing space. The KEMPER Filter Table is an ideal extraction solution for schools, colleges and other educational institutes.

This welding extraction table can also double up as a grinding extraction table, cutting bench or deburring bench – making it an ideal multipurpose system.

The Filter Table has a two-stage filter as standard. The pre-filter is made from a woven aluminium wire mesh to protect the main filter from flying sparks. The pre-filtered air then flows through the main filter which removes the hazardous particles. The Main filter cleans the contaminated air with a 99.9% efficiency. As an optional extra, the table can be fitted with an optional activated carbon filter to remove any harmful vapours, smells or fumes.

The KEMPER Filter Table complies with HSE and COSHH requirements for controlling airborne particulates in the work place.

Additional information

Weight500 kg

1400 m3/hr


1200 x 800 x 1340mm


1.5kW Motor 3 x 400V/ 50Hz 3.2A


2 Stage Disposable Filter Cassette with Pre-Filter
Includes Spark Separator
Optional Activated Charcoal Filter


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