OptiFlo Compact Dust Extractor

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    Designed as a compact solution, the singularity of OptiFlo Compact resides in its ability to handle a wide range of flows, between 1,000m3/h and 20,000m3/h, using a unit that is smaller than that of other equipment operating in the same filtration range. The answer resides in the modularity of its design. Available in different sizes, OptiFlo Compact can house between 4 and 16 filtering elements. The fact that the filtering elements are arranged in rows and columns and mounted on a single plate, significantly reduces the space that is required for it at the plant.

    OptiFlo® Compact also has a built-in fan and electrical panel and incorporates its own dust discharge and collection system, turning it into a “plug and play” filtering unit, which may also be used as a plug-in unit depending on the characteristics of the application; indoors as well as outdoors. Its operation is highly intuitive, based on an easy operation in terms of the connections and initial start-up as well as its subsequent maintenance thanks to, among other things, the arrangement and accessibility of the components that comprise the system.

    • Medium to High Volumes of Dry Dusts
    • Combustible or Explosive Dusts
    • Multiple Point Systems
    • Machine Tools, Sack Tipping, Weighing and More
    • Wood, Metal, Plastic, Food, Plastic dusts and more
    • Tool cleaning.
    • Hazardous Vapours
    • And More
    • Multiple sizes to fit different applications and systems
    • REDClean Cartridge Filters
    • Internal Fan
    • Filter monitor gage
    • Heavy duty
    • Includes Electrical Control Panel
    • Internal Pulse Jet Filter Cleaning via Compressed Air
    • Sized to Suit Application
    • 4 – 16 REDClean Filter Cartridges
    • Indoors or Outdoor Options
    • ATEX Rated Options
    • Explosion/ Combustion Control
    • Dust Collection Types e.g. Drum, Bag etc
    • Spark Protection
    • Custom Builds

    REDClean Filters

    REDClean® D/DFR: Mixture of cellulose and synthetic fibres reinforced with a “flame retardant” finish as an available option. MERV11 efficiency rating.
    REDClean® N/NFR: Aggregate of cellulose and synthetic fibres with nanofibers. Leading technology in the industry with a MERV15 efficiency rating, the highest rating with the lowest differential pressure. Also available with a “flame retardant” finish.
    REDClean® S: Non-woven 100% polyester stocking that offers an excellent resistance to abrasion, temperature and humidity. MERV 11 efficiency rating.
    REDClean® SA: 100% polyester stocking with an aluminium antistatic finish for ATEX applications. MERV 11 efficiency rating.
    REDClean® M: Mixture of washable synthetic fibres. Excellent resistance to humidity and to high temperatures. MERV 11 efficiency rating.



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