Replacement Mini Ductless Fume Cabinet ACI Filter

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These replacement ACI Plus filters are for the AirScience Mini Fume Cabinet Enclosures. Please note for the MC60-V and MC60-H.

ACI filters are for the filtration of INORGANIC ACID vapours such as:

  • ALDEHYDES & KEYTONESDipropyl Ketone, Methyl ethyl Ketone
  • HALOGENS Hydrogen bromide, hydrogen chloride, hydrogen iodide
  • SULPHUR COMPOUNDS – Sulphur Dioxide, Sulphur Trioxide, Sulphuric Acid
  • NITROGEN COMPOUNDSNitric Fumes, Nitrogen dioxide*

Carbon Filter: A single carbon filter containing chemically-formulated activated carbon granules.

Note: Our carbon filters are based on enhanced, activated carbon particle formulations from specially selected, naturally occurring raw material superior to wood or other organic sources. The carbon is treated to attain the proper porosity and aggregate surface area and to react with several ranges of aerosolized chemicals moved through the filter by an air handling blower.

Contact us for more information.

*Poorly adsorbed by all filters and therefore should be used in small quantities.

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Weight 6 kg


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