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This portable bench top dust extraction system has been designed by VODEX specifically for applications that generate fine dust particles and uses a toughened safety glass shield to protect the operator from flying debris and dust.

When using small hand power tools such as air tools or dremel tools, much of the dust is thrown towards the operator and not away, but this is all captured by the SafteySHIELD system. Typical applications include fine grinding and polishing using compounds and hand polishing/grinding tools.

The system is supplied complete with a very compact, high pressure bag and HEPA filtered dust extraction unit that is digitally speed controllable and floor mounted.

The cowl sits on the bench and can be attached by screws or double sided tape (supplied). The dust is extracted towards the operator behind an optically correct toughened safety glass sheild. A push fit coupling connects the unit to the extraction system via a hose that is also supplied. HSE COSHH compliant.

For use with The BOFA DP400 Dry Dust Extractor

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Weight 2 kg


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