VODEX SalonAIR® 1001 Unit (Nail Treatments)

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Main Features

Zone 1 – At Source Extraction**
Aiding a Safer Working Environment
Remote – Digital Speed Control
PreBOX, H13 HEPA & Blended DeepBed Carbon Filters
Blocked Filter Alarm
Mobile – x4 Lockable Castors
Low Energy CE Approved
Low Noise <57dBa
24 Month Warranty**

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The VODEX SalonAIR® 1001 (SA1001) has been specially designed as an extraction system for the beauty and cosmetic industry to extract and remove potentially harmful fumes and airborne dust generated within the salon environment. The SA1001 is an ideal extractor for nail dust. The potentially harmful dusts generated by nail treatments is drawn away from the technician and client breathing zone. The air is then cleaned, with all the harmful dusts removed, and then blown back into the work place. The SA1001 is a cost effective zone 1, at source, fume & dust extractor for nail salons.

Beauty treatments can produce a lot of dust, vapours (smells) and fumes that are harmful not only to the technician but also to the client. A salon has a legal responsibility under both the Health and Safety Act and HSE/COSHH regulations to ensure that the environment is safe and free of any hazardous contaminates (such as nail dust or eyelash glue fumes) that could pose a health risk for the technicians and their clients.

Many of the current “dust removal” options simply recirculate the solvent laden and still dirty air within the salon. The SalonAIR® uses a Multi-Layered Filter Cell System captures all the harmful contaminants, filters it and returns clean air into the salon.

The SalonAIR® 1001 offers not only effective control of these harmful dusts and fumes but also complies with all the legal requirements under Health and Safety and under HSE/COSHH, but also provides protection for the technicians and clients.

The ideal extraction solution for your salon environment, the SA1001 filter system will fit easily into any salon, without the need to replace existing nail stations or furniture.

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In The Box:

  • SA1001 Extraction Unit with Digital Controls
  • x1 ePM-C 90% @ PreBOX Filter
  • x1 Certified H13 EN1822 HEPA Filter 99.95% @ 0.1µm
  • x1 Blended DeepBed Carbon Filter
  • x1 Power Cable
  • x1 Remote Control

Capture Accessory Options:

  • 1.4m x 55mm Direct Unit Mounted Arm with Nozzle
  • NEW Snow White FileOWAY® III with Install Kit
  • NEW Dove Grey FileOWAY® III with Install Kit
  • Midnight Black FileOWAY® II with Install Kit
  • Pretty Pink FileOWAY® II with Install Kit
  • NEW Stainless Steel FileOTRAY® II with Install Kit

" Myself and my staff love the fact we no longer get covered in dust particles, such a clean and safe environment thanks to VODEX "

@onthenail - Cornwall
**24month Warranty – providing filters are changed regularly. 12month as Standard. Consumables not covered unless faulty.

**Extraction Units are not vacuum cleaners and are not designed to capture heavy/dropout dusts, the messy dust usually associated with efile use.

Additional information

Weight 21 kg
Dimensions 25 × 41 × 42.5 cm
Main Features

Zone 1 – At Source Extraction**
Aiding a Safer Working Environment
Remote – Digital Speed Control
PreBOX, H13 HEPA & Blended DeepBed Carbon Filters
Blocked Filter Alarm
Mobile – x4 Lockable Castors
Low Energy CE Approved
Low Noise <57dBa
24 Month Warranty**

FileOWAY Dimensions

23 x 18 x 6cm (LxWxH) – 6cm is at the centre, the highest point

FileOTRAY Dimensions

22.8 x 17.8 x 0.3cm (LxWxH)

SalonAIR Unit Dimensions

42.5 x 24 x 49.5cm (LxWxH)

12 reviews for VODEX SalonAIR® 1001 Unit (Nail Treatments)

  1. Ingrid S. NI, UK

    After just 1 days use…

    My cabin was literally dust free today! I couldn’t believe it! I didn’t have to clean the lamp above my table once and I did 8 sets of nails!! Normally this would of been covered in dust!! My clients were also dust free!!
    Another immediate difference was the freshness of the air!! I Instantly noticed a difference. It’s the best money ive spent!!
    I’m going to read through the manual and get myself knowing everything there is to know about my machine!!
    I intend to blogg about it too as it is so important to share with my followers! I invest in the brands that I use, and the money spent is nothing compared to the exciting changes that will benefit me!
    I really appreciate all your help! Such a fantastic brand, thank you so much!!

    You can see the SalonAIR in action by viewing Ingrid’s Instagram Page: @sugarcoatingnails

  2. Dawn. St Albans, UK

    The unit picks up the finer dust, the dangerous god awful stuff that means you need to dust the salon every 5 mins and leaves the heavier stuff to fall to the paper to be disposed of in the bin.
    I like the unit very much. It has made such a difference to the overall feel of the salon. I would very much like to add the FileOTray into the desk, mainly because chemical fumes sink so would like the bottom extraction to enable me to do this without having to position the overhead directly over my painting area.

  3. Lisa. Cambridgeshire, UK

    I love the unit so far, the VEE Filters blocked (Just ordered a replacement) so it’s currently not being as efficient as it was, so it’s defiantly time for a new filter!

  4. Nicole M. Hampshire, UK

    Best investment! Dust and Fumes no longer laying on my lungs and no need for a face mask! You can see the dust that’s collected in the filter even from just a couple of sets of nails. Helpful for pregnant women, people with asthma or breathing problems. No more tiredness or headaches from the fumes being caused by chemicals and products! Easy to move as on lockable wheels, easy to handle and easy to clean! Unit also makes you aware itself when filters are blocked which is handy. Can’t recommend this enough especially for safety of your own health as well as clients. Thanks Vodex 🙂

  5. Annia. Cheshire, UK

    I just wanted to let you know that I have received my Vodex Air Salon dust/fumes extractor yesterday. My new equipment is installed and ready to be used now. I am impressed with how sturdy and quiet it is, even at full extraction speed. I am looking forward to use this equipment more frequently now. Many thanks again for all your professional help.

  6. Anon

    I have been working with my SalonAIR dust extractor today. It is such a great machine. I am glad there is somebody like you producing them.

  7. Jenna B. Cheshire, UK

    I have to say I really love the system. The FileOWay is kind of bulky but the system itself is pretty quiet considering how powerful it is. Next desk I invest in I will get the built in tray attachment.

  8. Leila L. Edinburgh, UK

    Love it guys! Best thing ever!

  9. Lisa C, Cambridgeshire UK

    I absolutely love my SalonAIR machine it’s well worth the money! Gone are the days of finishing work with a headache or feeling unwell because of the fumes in the air. It’s a complete game changer and I couldn’t be without it! Thank you Vodex

  10. Abbi T, Liverpool.

    Absolutely made up with my dust and fume extractor from @Vodexbeautyextraction. I have searched for years for one that actually works, it really does take the dust and all the fumes away! Even my clients walk in and say there is barely any smell anymore.
    I really would recommend this to anybody, The dust it collects makes you wonder how much we’ve all been breathing in! It is well worth the money.

  11. Heather J, Aberdeen.

    Ahh my new Vodex SalonAir Extractor arrived and i am absolutely in love with it! i will never understand why so many places do not have a form of extraction in their room/salon(s), it’s unbelievable.
    I’ve always had one and would never be without it, not just for myself but for my clients.

  12. Kayleigh L. Exeter

    As i work from home, my house would always end up smelling of monomer and the dust would be everywhere.. This is something that has really bothered me but always thought the only way forward would be just to have a window open and deal with it until i came across the guys at @Vodexbeautyextraction. Although these units are pricey, i personally feel you just can’t put a price on your health! I know my clients are going to be so happy when walking in and not having to smell that awful small and also won’t be leaving covered in dust. This unit is going to change my working conditions for the better as well as making the salon more relaxing for my clients! I am so glad i took the plunge and got myself one of these extractions.
    Thank you to the guys over at Vodex for helping me along the way with all questions i had and helping me decide on which unit would be best for me.

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