VODEX VX2 Extraction Unit

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The VX2 is a dual arm, compact, stand alone, multipurpose fume and light dust extractor. Ideal for a range of low volume fume and dust applications. The VX2 is a feature rich, cost effective solution with a range of interchangeable accessories.

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The VODEX VX2 is a feature rich, low cost extraction unit that has been specially designed for a diverse range of industries to extract and remove harmful fumes and light air borne dusts generated within your working environment. The VX2 is an ideal extractor for solder fume, fine dusts and powders, solvent vapours and much more.

  • Two Work Stations/ Operators
  • Solder Fume Extraction
  • Adhesive Fume Extraction
  • Solvent Fume Extraction
  • Non Corrosive Fume and Vapour Extraction
  • Vapour and Gas Extraction
  • And More
  • Dual Extraction Ports
  • Integrated speed control
  • Digital remote
  • Control lock out feature
  • Modular, multi cell filter system
  • Filter monitor gage
  • Replaceable filters
  • 230v Plug and Play
  • Pre-Box ISO Course 90% @ ePM10
  • EN1822 Certified and Tested HEPA Filter: 99.95% @ 0.1 Microns. 99.997% @ 0.3 Microns
  • Deep-bed Activated Carbon Filter
  • 1.4m x 55mm Direct Unit Mounted Arm with Nozzle
  • 0.6m x 50mm Stainless Steel Arm with Funnel Nozzle & Install Kit

The VX2 is a fully mobile, low noise system with integrated speed control, digital I/R remote, control lock out feature and a modular, multi cell filter system. The VX filter system allows for multiple combinations of carbon and particulate filtration, making the VX2 a truly flexible unit with some of the best in-class features to cost available in the marker to date

The VX2 is the ideal solution for your working environment, mobile and compact this unit will fit easily into any working area, without the need to replace existing furniture.

The VODEX VX2 fully complies with the HSE and COSHH requirements for controlling airborne contaminants in the work place.

Additional information

Weight24 kg
Dimensions25 × 41 × 42.5 cm

14.kgs (unit only)

Construction Material

Powder Coated Mild Steel


490mm x 425mm x 240mm (H x D x W)

Electrical Data

230v / Single Phase


300m3/hr (Free Blowing)

Inlet Size

2 x 75mm Inlet

Noise Level



Dual 55mm dia Arms with Nozzle, Dual Stainless Steel Arms with Nozzle


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