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QUICK201B ESD Desolder Station - 230v

A great value 230v desoldering tool for through hole PCB rework, including integral vacuum pump and a selection of nozzles 0.8mm, 1.0mm and 1.3mm dia.

  • ESD safe design
  • Powerful built-in vacuum pump
  • Precise temperature control with closed-loop sensor
  • 36V low voltage heater, fully isolated, safe and reliable
  • LED digital display, auto sleep function
  • Digital temperature calibration
  • Specially designed suction nozzle and heater, with high mass tips resulting in little maintenance, and high efficiency.
  • Long life heater element
  • Heat resistant vacuum hose
  • Suitable for leaded and lead free desoldering
Pump power 12V/2A
Heating power 90W
Temperature range 200℃-450℃
Pump diaphragm
Vacuum pressure 600mmHg
Tip to ground potential <2mV
Tip to ground resistance <2Ω
Dimensions 105(L)*250(W)*165(H)mm
Weight About 4.0kg

See PDF document above for full spares list and part numbers.  Call for current prices !

Q‐809B Handle assembly 201B
B47091 Pump for 201B
47011 Heating Element Quick 201B Desoldering Gun
42326 Ceramic Filter Lge, External 201B
47044 Ceramic Filter Sml 201B
QCLEANINGPN Cleaning Pin 201B
20011 Cleaning Sponge 201B
47001.4 Filter Pipe 201B
14001 Spring Filter 201B
26099 O Ring 201B
45001 Rubber End Bung 201B
45002 Rubber Packing Washer 201B
44006 Nut, Tip Retainer 201B
44235 Tip Holder 201B
A1004 0.8 Tip for 201B
A1005 1.0 Tip for 201B
A1006 1.3 Tip for 201B 

Desolder Station - Quick 201B ESD

Ref: V780-Q201B
£180.00 (Exc. VAT)

0.8mm Replacement Nozzle - for 201B

Ref: V780-A1004
£6.75 (Exc. VAT)

1.0mm Replacement Nozzle - for 201B

Ref: V780-A1005
£6.75 (Exc. VAT)

1.3mm Replacement Nozzle - for 201B

Ref: V780-A1006
£6.75 (Exc. VAT)