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ESD Matting - Dark Blue

Antistatic Bench Matting - ESD Rubber Matting in rolls or pre-cut mats

There are ESD bench mats and ESD bench mats - but they are not the same quality!  Ask you current supplier if they can produce a REACH compliance certificate and performance specifications - many won't or can't.

Our matting Polymer is Acrylonitrile Buta diene with high ACN content which has many advantages:

Antistatic rubber matting in light blue with 2 layers and anti-glare finish. This light blue matting offers resistance to high temperature solder splashes and will withstand everyday general wear and tear.

Conforms to BS IEC 61340-5-1    Call or email us below for a free sample!

Our ESD bench matting is made from high quality NBR rubber which is superior in quality compared to cheaper PVC products.  This is what makes our matting worlds apart from the rest :

  • Conforms to BS IEC 61340-5-1
  • Very high flexibility and excellent lay flat properties and very high abrasion resistance
  • ESD properties are maintained longer than PVC based products
  • REACH regulated—see certificate below
  • No HCL leaches out (that could damage products used on the matting) - PVC products commonly suffer this problem.
  • Excellent solder resistant—many low cost PVC based rubber mats are not solder proof
  • Resistant to high temperatures (PVC based mats are often not)
  • No curling or deformation and excellent oil resistance
  • Excellent detergent resistant without effecting the colour

The top static dissipative layer is easily cleaned with a mild soapy water solution. It’s surface layer has a resistance of between 10E6 and 10E9. The bottom conductive black layer has a resistance of between 10E3 and 10E5, with an overall resistance to ground of between 10E6 and 10E8.

The material is 2mm thick and can be supplied in roll or pre-cut mat format. The roll size is 1.2 meters wide x 10 meters long. A well as light blue we can supply in light grey and light blue (green and tan is available by special order).

Abrasion loss of <0.02g/cm2, and static dissipation time <0.1s.

ESD Bench Mat - Ocean Blue - 900mm x 600mm mat (with 10mm stud)

Ref: V800-SLM0906-DB
£22.50 (Exc. VAT)

ESD Bench Mat - Ocean Blue - 1.2m x 600mm mat (with 10mm stud)

Ref: V800-SLM1206-DB
£30.00 (Exc. VAT)

ESD Bench Matting - Ocean Blue - 1.2m x 10m Roll

Ref: V800-SLM1210M-DB
£295.00 (Exc. VAT)