Wet Extraction Products for Combustible Dusts

Wet Extraction Products for Combustible Dusts

Aluminium, Titanium and Magnesium are metal dust that can pose a serious risk to life in the work place. These dusts, at certain particle sizes, can be highly combustible and explosive. For these types of dusts, wet extractors are recommended if not essential.

Combustible dusts are serious fire and explosion risks, creating potential for severe injuries or death to employees, property damage, long term environmental harm and severe if not terminal interruption to normal business operating.

The safest way to contain these risks is to, where possible, capture these dusts directly at source into a wet extraction system. For example, a wet extraction bench draws the combustible dusts directly into the water chamber as the dust is produced.

This is ideal for applications like aluminium fettling and cutting/ grinding of titanium. Wet extraction can also be used to remove the fire risks from less combustible metal dusts like steel when used in applications that produce a lot of sparks and molten debris.

See our Combustible Dusts Information Page for further reading.

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