Here at VODEX, our number one priority is keeping the air safe for you and your employees. So, when we realised that dental clinics were one of the highest risk jobs during the Covid-19 pandemic, we immediately started working on extraction solutions that would keep dentists and the staff in dental surgeries safe.

We began the process by consulting with leading dentists and dental associations so we could understand the specific problems for which they needed solutions.

Our Findings

Risk from AGPs

Dental surgeries undertake a variety of Aerosol Generating Procedures (AGPs). These aerosol particles can carry the virus and can get into the breathing zone of the dentist and anyone else in the room. Alternatively, they can land on surfaces, thereby getting picked up by anyone who touches those.

Wet Aerosol

Since dental procedures are carried out inside the patient’s mouth, they tend to create a wet aerosol. Unlike dry aerosol, which can be extracted using dust extractors, wet aerosols need specialised solutions as they can make the filters damp. This can create bad odours as well as potential mould growth.

Localised Problem

The highest risk of infection for dental surgeons is when they are conducting AGPs in the patient’s mouth. Not only are they close to the breathing zone but also any aerosol being generated can easily enter their nasal passage. Once it escapes this area, it can settle on any surface in the room, but during the procedure is where the dentist is most at risk.

Our Solution

Based on these problems, we realised that dental aerosol required localised extraction. However, the extractor arm needed to be easily-manipulated so it did not get in the way of the procedure.

It was also important for it to be able to extract wet aerosol without the filters becoming damp and smelly.

Bearing these requirements in mind, we developed the DentalAIR DA1001 and DentalAIR UVC® extraction units.

Perfect for Wet Aerosol Extraction

These come with 4-step filtration units that capture fine dust as well as wet aerosol. The units are designed to reduce odours with an antimicrobial, hydrophobic mist eliminator, a moisture-resistant synthetic filter, and DenCARB® carbon filters that absorb any fumes and smells. The DentalAIR UVC® also provides UVC sterilisation.

“Hi Paul, Used the DentalAIR unit today and I am thrilled – It is a game-changer”

–       Paul Liano (Tangmere Dental – Chichester)

Designed to Remove Aerosols Locally

The powerful suction, with an airflow of 300m3/hour, allows the units to effectively remove all aerosols generated during AGPs as they are produced. This reduces the risk of possible infection from the client to the staff in the clinic. Additionally, it reduces the risk of aerosol landing on surfaces, which then need to be cleaned and sterilised.

“We are definitely reducing fallow time with using the DentalAIR unit”

–       Rishi Shah (Kings Road Dental Practice)

Flexible Arm

The unit comes with an adjustable RigiFLEX® arm which can be positioned so that it is not in the way of the procedure. The flared nozzle captures all the spray from the procedure completely, without allowing any to escape. For further protection, there is a snap-on/off clear PETG AeroSHIELD® that acts as an extra layer of safety between dentists and clients.

“No splatter on patient glasses and none on mine; works very well for AGPs – very positive feedback. Patients also feel safer”

–       Neil Du Preez (Dentist -Leighton Buzzard)

In the few weeks since we’ve started providing the DentalAIR DA1001, we have been inundated with positive feedback from clients.

“DentalAIR unit going really well, a big plus for patents and staff confidence”

–       Vic Du Toit (Cowplain Dental – Hampshire)

If you would like to pre-order either of these units for your dental surgery or need more information about the products, get in touch with us.

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