High Volume Extraction Systems

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  • VODEX VX1 Extraction Unit

    £768.00 Incl. VAT
  • VODEX VX2 Extraction Unit

    £894.00 Incl. VAT
  • BOFA V250 Dual Arm Extraction System

  • BOFA FumeKART Mobile Extraction System

  • BOFA V Oracle SAiQ High Volume Extraction Unit

    £2,090.11 Incl. VAT
  • BOFA V1000 iQ High Volume Extraction Unit

  • BOFA V1500 iQ High Volume Extraction Unit

  • BOFA V2000 iQ High Volume Extraction System

  • BOFA V600 High Volume Extraction System

    £1,627.01 Incl. VAT
  • High-Volume Fume Extraction Systems

    Fumes in the workplace pose a significant risk to workers and operators. Under the UK Health and Safety law, employers are legally required to provide protection for employees from harmful fumes, especially high-volume fumes. These can be from soldering, electronics dipping, coating and potting, adhesive fumes and more.

    Our range of filtered high-volume fume extractors spans from small benchtop units for single users to larger units for extracting fume from several stations or larger devices like reflow ovens.

    These fume extractors can be used via small ducted systems or fume extraction arms, nozzles, hoods and canopies. All of these fume extractors use filters with activated carbons and HEPA particulate filters to remove the vapours and solid particulates from fumes.

    Many units include filter monitoring systems including block alarms, real-time airflow controls, real-time filter monitoring and high capacity filters. Some units have options for deep bed carbon filters to handle harmful vapours.