Spray Booths

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  • DFB Dry Filter Spray Booths

  • BCH “Bench Type” Dry Filter Spray Booths

  • Spray Extraction Booths

    Spray paint is difficult to extract in conventional fume extractors. Often the extraction system can pull still wet paint particles into it, coating and blocking the main filters. This is why you need specialised paint spray extraction solutions, like our paint spray booths.

    Paint spray booths use multi-tiered filters to remove the paint spray wet and dry particles along with the fumes.

    The multi-tier filter systems include a pre-filter media pad, two primary panel particle filters and a deep bed carbon filter for the vapours. These paint spray booths can also be used for powder coating, varnishing and more.

    By using filters our spray booths are free-standing and can be relocated as needed – increasing flexibility and future-proofing.