DFB Dry Filter Spray Booths

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    Designed bespoke for each and every customer, our booths are based on a modular design, manufactured in the UK and based on over twenty years of experience in the sector. From small independent business to fully automated mass production lines, our spray booths can be tailored to your specific needs.
    Whether the booth you choose is a simple open fronted type or a fully enclosed room, the extraction system remains the same, specifically developed and chosen to suit the size. Whilst bespoke in nature, all our spray booths and rooms are built from the same modular building block metal panel work, making the installation simple and the specification and sizing highly flexible. They are easy to modify or extend, and can also move with you as your business expands. All enclosed booths are available as pressurised units and can also be heated.
    Complying with all current safety legislation, our dry filter spray booths are designed to remove fumes from the spraying environment by drawing airflow through paper filters. This corrugated filter media is used industry wide and is a low cost way of ensuring your spraying is carried out within the regulations.
    Manufactured and supplied in a vast range of modular sizes, starting at just over a metre wide and deep,
    LED lights are optional on open booths and standard on enclosed booths.
    A simple start and stop control is supplied ready to be wired into your supply.


    Manufactured in the UK

    Galvanised Steel

    Flat Pack delivery

    Ducting/Install Optional

    Andreae ECO filter Supplied



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