Downdraft Extraction Benches

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  • KTF Heavy Duty Downflow Extraction Benches

  • AirBench FP Welded Downdraft Bench

  • VODEX Down Flow Work Station

  • AirBench FN Downdraft Extraction Bench

  • FKS Downflow Bench with KneeSpace

  • FPK Welded Downflow Bench

  • AirBench FPW and FPT Welding and Grinding Downdraft Benches

  • AirBench RP Downdraft Bench for Stone Dusts

  • BD500 Station

  • BD1000 Station

  • VODEX Insert Down Flow Pod

  • KEMPER Grinding Benches

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  • Downdraft Extraction Benches

    We offer a wide range of downdraft benches to cover most particulates, from relatively large dusts to very fine. As well as applications including non-sparking, dust with some sparks, smoke and fumes, and fumes in high and low volumes. These are also available for welding and grinding.

    Downdraft Bench’s take the dust and fumes away from your workspace by drawing them down through the work surface into the internal filters and returning clean air to the room. Vodex supply a range of self-contained downdraught benches, providing a dust or fume extraction system, filters and workbench in one compact unit.

    Downdraft extraction benches are suitable for a range of applications including grinding, woodworking including with MDF, trimming and fettling of plastics, atmospheric dust, flour or similar powder weighing and processing, GRP trimming and finishing, dry stone cutting, ceramics, airline cleaning of electrical components and PCs after use. Each bench is specified by your application.