Fume and Dust Control Booths

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  • AirBench VertEx Walk-In Booths

  • Vertex – VA – Modular Cross-Draught System

  • AirBench VertEx VP

  • Fume and Dust Control Booths

    Some applications that generate fumes and dust are too large, or cover too much area, for focused and localised extraction. For these applications, you can use walk-in extraction booths.

    Our vertical extraction booths use modular cross-draught systems to draw the contaminated air into the filter units at the end of the booth and the cleaned air is then pushed back into the working area outside of the booth.

    These extraction booths can be installed along-side each other to create extraction booths of almost any width. Modular side and top panels allow the application to be enclosed as needed to create a walk-in control booth. Filters are available for low volume fumes and smoke, fine dust and fibres and non-sparking applications.