Fume Cabinets and Cupboards

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  • Advanced Ductless Fume Cupboards

  • Basic Ductless Fume Cupboards

  • VODEX Down Flow Work Station

  • BOFA FumeCAB 1000 iQ

  • BOFA FumeCAB 600

  • BOFA FumeCAB 700


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  • Ducted Polypropylene Fume Cabinets

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  • Replacement Filters for Advanced Fume Cupboards

  • VODEX Chemical Storage Cabinets

  • VODEX Educational Fume Cupboard

  • Fume Cabinets and Cupboards

    Fume cabinets and cupboards are partial enclosures designed for extracting harmful hazardous fumes and fine powders. Our range of fume cabinets and cupboards include ducted fume cabinets, chemical-resistant fume cupboards, filtered ductless cabinets and chemical storage cabinets.

    We also offer ducted and filtered ductless systems, downflow work stations and chemical storage cupboards. Our ductless fume cabinets have options for a wide range of filtration to handle acid vapours, solvents, alkalis, fine dust and more.

    These cabinets are the best way to enclose and capture gases from hazardous processes, where an operator could be exposed to dangerous fine powders, fumes and vapours from solvents, chemicals and adhesives.

    At VODEX, we don’t compromise on safety. Our advanced ductless fume cabinets and cupboards have a wide range of deep-bed filter options to cover most application from acid vapours to fine chemical powders and include digital filter condition monitoring and airflow control. Customization allows us to alter our range of cupboards to suit your application from custom sizes to materials like chemical-resistant polypropylene.

    All of our ductless fume cabinets include low flow air monitors and alarms.