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  • Benchtop Fume Extraction System

    £384.00 Incl. VAT
  • BOFA 3D PrintPRO 2 Extraction System

    £610.62 Incl. VAT
  • BOFA 3D PrintPRO 3 Extraction System

  • BOFA 3D PrintPRO 4 Extraction System

    £1,260.32 Incl. VAT
  • VODEX VX1002 Extraction Unit (for x2 Operators)

    £864.00 Incl. VAT
  • BOFA V250 Dual Arm Extraction System

  • BOFA DustPRO 250 Extraction System

    £681.22 Incl. VAT
  • BOFA DustPRO 400 Extraction System

    £1,213.58 Incl. VAT
  • BOFA DustPRO Universal Extraction System

    £1,739.09 Incl. VAT
  • BOFA FumeKART Mobile Extraction System

  • BOFA V200 Single User Arm Extraction System

  • Arts and Crafts Extraction

    The arts and crafts industry uses a number of materials that could release fumes and different types of dust. This is why we’ve collected a range of specialist fume and dust extraction systems for airbrushing and painting, ceramics and spray adhesives. With these installed, artists can produce their best work without worrying about the effects on their health.

    Our arts and crafts fume and dust extraction solutions can protect you and others against particulate matter and fumes from pigments and solvents. These can be from airbrushing, silica, sulphur dioxides, Cadmium, and Lead from ceramics, or N-Hexane, Heptane, Trichloroethane from spray paints used in commercial art.

    We also offer comprehensive dust extraction units for the dangerous Silica dust that is a by-product of clay modelling or ceramics. Whatever you are working on, Vodex has a solution to help you produce your works of art in a safe environment.

    The Vodex team can also help you with dyeing, electroplating and lithography (solvents, acids, talc), so contact us if you don’t see what you’re looking for in your studio.